That new new - just added yoga & fitness classes from One Down Dog On Demand. Check back every Thursday for the newest of the new!

  • ZOOM REPLAY - BACK with Niki

    Niki is one of our 300hr teacher training leads with incredible knowledge of functional anatomy. Enjoy being part of her weekly zoom class every Wednesday. This class is also in person! Take this class before it expired 6/3/22

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1s8Oh25YqHNPyKk0V9zkrU?si...

  • ZOOM REPLAY - FIT with Audrey

    Join Audrey's Saturday ZOOM crew for a FIT class.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2F8FQldPhKGZW7iNWVaCJT?si=1xbc-hjrTk-yAxzuG_eMmw

  • Slow Flow with Bobbi

    This class breaks down the basics and moves slow so you can build confiedence. Return to a home practice or get to know things you'll see a lot in class. It's a slower moving introduction to "Flow" and "Chill" styles of yoga. We build up to sun salutes and a standing flow sequence.

    Props: Block...

  • ZOOM REPLAY - Mind Decluttering Meditation with Nadia

    Reducing mental clutter can mean different things to different people but we all have a lot on our minds! Find a comfortable seat of your choice and enjoy.

  • Well Rounded FLOW

    This 60 minute flow encompasses Jack's favorite go to poses and flows that will leave your body feeling refreshed and renewed. We make an effort to hit every corner of the body in this class. In the beginning we will connect with the breath, eventually working up a sweat, and finally winding down...

  • Flow Fast, Rest Hard.

    Feeling buzzy or stressed? Just got off work? This fast and simple flow will get the wiggles out so you can unwind with a long cool down. Get the fire out so you can find your sattvic space. Includes options for crow and building to an optional *baby* arm balance.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify....

  • Ebb and FLOW

    The only thing constant in life is change. When one has techniques to reorient, recalibrate, and regulate oneself, we can ride the wave of change. Enjoy a very wave like flow that builds heat as you consistently move through the shapes, one breath, one movement.

    Props: 2 blocks
    Playlist: https:...

  • BUTT - Slow Strength

    Lots of mat work and squats. Working on booty strength, engaging core and supporting our back! Warm up with yogic stretches and then we move into two fitness blocks.
    1st a block using the resistance band or body weight.
    2nd block using dumb bells or body weight.
    Ends with a cool down stretch.


  • Building A Bridge Basics

    Grow slowly to bridge pose, a common pose in classes. Yoga means to yolk, to connect, to build bridges in our lives on and off the mat.

    Props: 2 blocks and a blanket
    Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2w7PohInnNYeNMDjSywZim?si=10220ddb39f84e20

  • Strength With Your Stretch

    What if stretching isn't always the answer for your pain? Your shoulders might be hurting because of hunching and over stretching! Build some strength. Less flowing, and super accessible - yet strength building for your low back and shoulders

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0JvvxKwo...

  • FLOW - Let's Get Spherical

    The more spherical we can make our body, breath, and imagination, the better we can bounce back to the ever-changing landscape of life. In this 60 minute practice we will explore creative and functional movements to help us be buoyant, expansive, and radiant.

    Props: two blocks
    Optional playlist...

  • Customize Your Vinyasa

    This quick tip with Bobbi will show you a ton of options for when you hear the cue "vinyasa".
    This class is also a decent workout as building your own vinyasa means exploring different ways to find heat!