Pitta Balancing

Pitta Balancing

Pitta is ruled by fire and water. Think transformation, fast moving, big external changes. 10-2 AM and PM is Pitta time. Late Spring and Summer is Pitta season. The time of year we travel, play in the sun, and make big moves. But if we aren't mindful we can burn out really quickly leaving us brittle.
It's up to us to bring cool air and grounded earth into out days, into our firey personalities, or into the summer months. Pitta is balanced by CHILL, YIN, MEDITATE, RESTORE, forward folding FLOW. It's hot enough outside, use your yoga to balance it out! Less alignment and heat, more feel good chill.

Pitta Balancing
  • Shoulder Flossing To Relieve Stress

    Victoria offers her favorite tip for posture & shoulder mobility. You will need a strap or a belt for this practice.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0CfGb5dxaRbkiI87Q4hZNi?si=PVr2_ErrSH2vNKvwgjWWwQ

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