REFUGE is a trauma-sensitive, healing centered chill class seasoned with long holds, meditation, and opportunities for reflection based on the four foundations of mindfulness. Refuge is a “condition of being safe or sheltered from danger.” We take REFUGE in ourselves, in our breath and in present-time awareness to find peace away from the busy-ness of the modern world in order to suffer less. In REFUGE, we learn to move through, and stay present during sensations as they arise, nurturing a practice of self-care and kind awareness. This class is for anyone wishing to pause, breathe and move with intention, learn to stay present during challenging sensations, and cultivate a practice of self-care, kind awareness and wise presence on the mat.

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  • Somatic Inquiry: Coherent Heart Practice (Part II)

    Sarit shares Heart Math's Quick Coherence practice, embedded with somatic inquiry, in part two of this series. This is a wonderful practice for self soothing and self regulation.

    Part I:

    Part III: https://ondemand.onedowndog...

  • Somatic Inquiry: Mobilize and Energize (Part III)

    Sarit shares an energizing, enlivening practice to engage your nervous system and mobilize. This is a playful practice, including the Voo and an opportunity to RAWR! Get weird to get grounded!

    Part I:

    Part II: https://ondem...

  • Somatic Inquiry: Grounding and Embodiment (Part I)

    Sarit guides us through a short, guided somatic practice of grounding, orienting, and self regulation in part one of our Somatic Inquiry series.

    Part II:

    Part III:

  • REFUGE - Grounded and Wrist Friendly

    Sarit guides us through a compassionate, mostly hands free, trauma-informed slow flow with no vinyasa. You may want a pair of blocks, a bolster, or a blanket.


  • REFUGE - Yoga For All

    A class for every body, every ability. It is a chill class with a focus on tending to our nervous systems with kind and loving awareness. We sing, we sometimes dance, and we always have a lovely and long savasana. This class is trauma-informed, which means it is invitational and accessible. You w...