I grew up dancing and performing in theater. I spent years feeling like there was some "spiritual path" I needed to be on, but couldn't figure out exactly what that looked like. Enter: Yoga and Meditation! I'm fascinated by the human body and all the “woo woo” things to learn about through yoga and beyond. Teaching yoga gives me a creative outlet with sequencing movements to breath and curating playlists that create an arc and ability to dive into the practice. The philosophy allows me the space to question and think critically about my actions, thoughts, reactions and to find more self-love. Yoga also has had a huge influence on my work as a doula and my ability to stay grounded and present while working with birthing people in one of the biggest transitions of life! The tools I’ve learned from my mat and meditation have been integral to how I show up and help in all facets of my life. That all seems very serious but I assure you that at the end of the day I’m probably one of the weirdest people you’ll meet and I love being an ODD goofball!


FAVORITE SONG/ARTIST: For now I'll narrow it to: Amanda Palmer, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, radiohead, The Doors, David Bowie, Goldfrapp, Erykah Badu, Gogol Bordello, lots of 90s grunge and hip hop, punk, r&b, and anything else funky and weird I can get my hands on. I really go in so many directions with music.

ODD FACT: I broke my nose when I was a kid by kicking myself in the face when showing my sister how high I could kick. It's still slightly crooked. Flexibility isn't everything ;)

MY STEEZ: In my classes you can expect to work, breathe, laugh and maybe boogie a little to some sweet tunes. I’m all about finding how the practice fits you instead of trying to fit you into a strict yoga mold. Accessibility, consent and bodily autonomy are huge for me! I encourage people to practice with a sense of lightness and to laugh off the harder moments, every fall is a set up for a comeback and some serious growth!

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  • Slow Flow with Bobbi

    This class breaks down the basics and moves slow so you can build confiedence. Return to a home practice or get to know things you'll see a lot in class. It's a slower moving introduction to "Flow" and "Chill" styles of yoga. We build up to sun salutes and a standing flow sequence.

    Props: Block...

  • Customize Your Vinyasa

    This quick tip with Bobbi will show you a ton of options for when you hear the cue "vinyasa".
    This class is also a decent workout as building your own vinyasa means exploring different ways to find heat!

  • Intro To Core

    Bobbi provides tips on how to find balance from core activation and using the deep front line (fascial anatomy). You may need a pair of blocks and optional blanket.

  • FLOW - Embrace Your Wobbles

    Bobbi offers a quick 30 minute balance focused flow! Every wobble is an opportunity to learn and look for stability. You will need two blocks.


  • YIN - For An Active Lifestyle

    Bobbi offers a yin inspired class for runners, hikers, or anyone with an active lifestyle, where we will work on stretching and stabilizing the body. You will need a set of yoga blocks.


  • RESTORE - Support Yourself

    Bobbi teaches a restorative yoga practice focusing on support and grounding. You will need blocks, blankets, bolsters or pillows.


  • MEDITATE - Take a Break From Your Day

    Bobbi leads us through a grounding 10 minute meditation practice. Take a break from your day!