At a young age, I found yoga and was immediately captured by its transformative benefits. In 2010, at age 15, I received my first 200-hour teacher training under Jason Crandell in San Francisco. Now, after practicing and teaching yoga for more than ten years, and continuing my yoga education to the highest level under close guidance of my teachers, yoga is key to my cultivation of authenticity and wellness.
For me, Yoga is not just the physical practice of stretching, strengthening, and improving balance, but also the process of learning to love myself and embracing the unique manifestation that is me. Skill, attention, and mindfulness are essential elements of my approach.

I seek to facilitate a community that honors and celebrates everyone’s unique flavors. I strive to make space for everyone to take something valuable back into their lives off the mat. Students of all ages, sizes, and colors are welcome in my classes and encouraged to explore their own unique journey towards health and well-being.

HOMETOWN: I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado - currently living in San Francisco

ODD FACT: In college I studied German. I speak it fluently and I lived in Germany for about two years.

I started practicing yoga when I was 12 and I received my first 200 hr yoga teacher certification when I was 15.

FAVORITE SONG/ARTIST: As the child of hippie parents, I grew up listening to lots of folk music from the sixties and seventies. So I have a soft spot for anything from Cat Stevens to Joan Baez. I also enjoy the music of Swedish pianist Henrik Lindstrand, and particularly love his album Nattresan. It’s a focused yet relaxed soundtrack that eases the mind and is great for yoga.

MY CLASS STYLE: I teach a playful, yet focused vinyasa yoga. In my class, we will stay true to the roots of yoga without taking ourselves too seriously. Skillful sequencing and alignment are important elements of my class, but so is curiosity and lightheartedness. Everyone will have the opportunity to feel growth in my classes, no matter where they might be on the spectrum of physical and mental ability.

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  • Zoom Replay - Jack's Morning FLOW

    Get twisty! Twists are yummy for your back, help prepare for back bends, and feel great! Enjoy a twist heavy FLOW with some backbend finishings,

  • Hip Focused Flow

    In this 30 minute Vinyasa Jack will take you through a dynamic and approachable sequence that will open all sides of your hips. Nope! Not just your butt - but the inner groin and adductors, hip flexors, and outer hips. Enjoy the flow and learn about how dynamic your hip actually is!

    Pick any pla...

  • Well Rounded FLOW

    This 60 minute flow encompasses Jack's favorite go to poses and flows that will leave your body feeling refreshed and renewed. We make an effort to hit every corner of the body in this class. In the beginning we will connect with the breath, eventually working up a sweat, and finally winding down...