For my 10th birthday, my mom took me to Costco and said I could choose three presents. I decided on a giant picture book on astrology, a multi-disc Disney song collection spanning from the ‘30s to the ‘90s and a tiny philosophical book about yoga. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with the technology of yoga and how it helps you uplevel your experience as a human being. Yoga helps keep me grounded, calm and living my best life as a spiritual being having a human experience. I started to go to yoga classes regularly in my teens and while in college I managed a yoga studio. The owner urged me to “actually practice yoga” instead of showing up at 5am to ashtanga practice after partying all night, so she gave me a class pass to a kundalini yoga studio in Hollywood saying I would like it because kundalini is “weird.” After one class, I was obsessed. I eventually went back in 2011 after seeing Prince at The Forum and became a dedicated student. What does Prince have to do with me doing kundalini? Ask me and I will tell you the story. ;) I am certified 220 hours through IKYTA, 80 hours in prenatal kundalini through Golden Bridge, yoga nidra certified and a hypnotherapist, so if you just want to come to my classes to fall asleep after a busy day, I’m very cool with that.


FAVORITE ARTIST: Does ‘90s Britpop count as one singular artist? I am going to say yes.

ODD FACT: I am always thinking up my newest make-believe drag queen persona name. Right now it is Chakra Khan or Impala Abdul.

MY STEEZ: I call myself a mystic or spiritual rebel, because I prefer to color as brightly within the lines of tradition as possible. Kundalini can be a very strict practice; my goal as a teacher is to follow the rules while making it relatable and accessible to beginners. I use modern pop and rock music in my classes, as well as traditional mantra and I like to relate ancient teachings to current affairs like quoting RuPaul, or talking a lot about Doctor Who. Most of my classes are thematically constructed around a song that I am obsessed with and the general energy of the day. I lovingly call Kundalini practitioners “Kundaloonies” because Kundalini is very different than most yoga class experiences. it will let you loosen up and be uncomfortable or silly in a safe place while fast-tracking your access to stuck energy and while tuning into your sat nam, or the truth of who you are. Don’t be afraid to ask me plenty of questions after class!

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