I'm a foodie, mini-meathead, yogi, and avid traveler. I moved to LA in August 2013 to start my PhD program (which I completed in 2019!) and soon after I stumbled into One Down Dog. While yoga initially served to compliment my distance running practice, I soon realized that I was getting much more than limber muscles out of my practice. I fell in love with the self-exploratory nature of yoga. I loved that it gave me a space to play. In November 2016, I finished my 200-hour teacher certification at One Down Dog and since then, I’ve been working to grow as a student and an instructor. When I’m not practicing yoga, teaching yoga, cooking, or working, I’m hopping on a plane to bask in people and places unfamiliar to me.

HOMETOWN: Chi-city, IL.

FAVORITE SONG/ARTIST: SO MANY. Right now, The Internet, Billie Eilish, and Ella Mai.

MY STEEZ: My classes are slow and deliberate with an emphasis on mental and physical strength-building. Expect thoughtful, dancy sequences with fun transitions.

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  • SWEAT - Steady and Strong

    Need to get the ball rolling? This class will start sweetly and leave you sweaty! A full-body strength-focused workout with short cardio bursts. Lots of time on your feet to bring your energy up.

    Demo students: Amira and Andy

  • FLOW - Going Inward

    In this practice, we're exploring what it feels like to go inward with intention. Variations of forward folding and heart-opening. Play with how those two ideas work together on our mats and philosophically.

    Props: 2 blocks, strap, blanket optional