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  • Zoom Replay - STRENGTH (Friday Sept 1st)

    Take Audrey's recorded LIVE class! STRENGTH is not a yoga class, but rather a fitness class.

    Explore Audrey's playlists -

  • ODD SKILLS - Jump Back From Crow

    Cindy offers a favorite tip for working on your transition from crow pose to chaturanga. You will need a pair of blocks.

  • Breath of Fire

    Nadia teaches us Breath of Fire, a kundalini pranayama practice to help activate and purify your system.

  • CHILL - Grounding and Growing

    Joana leads a grounding, chill flow class. You will need blocks.


  • Somatic Inquiry: Coherent Heart Practice (Part II)

    Sarit shares Heart Math's Quick Coherence practice, embedded with somatic inquiry, in part two of this series. This is a wonderful practice for self soothing and self regulation.

    Part I:

    Part III: https://ondemand.onedowndog...

  • Yoga Sutra Study - YAMAS - Ahiṃsā (1 of 5)

    Courtney shares techniques for incorporating yoga into our daily lives through simple and accessible practices — focusing on the first yama, known as AHIMSA (non-violence, non-harming).

  • FLOW - Hands Free Hip Mobility

    Join Molly for a fun, funky flow with lots of hip mobility work and NO HANDS! Get that big movement but a break on the wrists.

    Props: Blocks & optional blanket
    Optional playlist:

  • One Down Dog On Demand

    Welcome to our On Demand community. We love our ODDfam!