Get that BUTT of yours on your mat and in tip top shape! BUTT offers a healthy mixture of bootylicious stretches and bodyweight conditioning exercises targeting your hind quarters. This class will leave your whole-self feeling leaner, stronger and more badASS!

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  • ODDtip - Slide and Glide

    Devon shares her favorite tip for using gliders to work the glutes. You will need a glider, socks, or a small towel.

  • BUTT - Mind Right, Booty Tight

    Get your mind right and your booty tight! Nikita blends flow, HIIT, and barre in this class - you'll finish it off feeling length, strength, and release (but also like jello)!

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/616wk6H5EsLvL6kXjuZVaI