Yoga found me when I was 11 years old. I wandered into a studio down my street and have been down-doggin’ since. At 17 I signed up for my first teacher training at Santa Monica Yoga where I was introduced to my beloved Ashtanga Yoga. At Sarah Lawrence College, I found ballet and modern dance. With confidence to choreograph and create, vinyasa started flowing through me, and we’ve been quite a pair since. Yoga heals and soothes – my practice is my happy place.

HOMETOWN: Redondo Beach, CA

FAVORITE SONG/ARTIST: Heartbeats by the Knife (I like Josè Gonzalez’s cover, too!)

ODD FACT: I learned how to ride a bike this year and can’t get enough of these canyon trails!

MY STEEZ: My sequences are challenging, so the savasana is well-earned! Showing up is most of the battle. If we can get out of our own ways (read: just get onto the mat), all the tired-aching-traffic-not-enough-time-today talk will melt away. I’ve never left the mat regretful I've spent my hours there!

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  • CORE - Explore Your Core

    In this practice, connect and establish the fire in the core of your being. Great for starting to explore core work and pilates. You will need a pair of blocks and a small towel for sliding.

  • FOAM ROLLING - S(quad) Roll Out

    Let's spend some time on the legs today with the SOFT foam roller.

    Playlist: choose your own :)

  • CHILL - Taking Time to Reconnect

    Katherine leads a slow flow. Long warm-up, long cool-down, with just enough effort to get you in the mood to relax. You will need a bolster, a few blankets, and blocks.

  • FLOW - Exploring Folds

    Katherine offers a folding flow practice to give your joints some love. You will need blocks, blanket and a bolster.