I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was 5, been writing poetry since I was 7, and I am a classically trained singer who doesn’t sing anymore (except in the shower!). I have an awesome son, Jake and, I am married to Joseph, a badass Buddhist chaplain/meditation teacher/romantic. I am a fierce pitbull lover and our dog, Lulu, and feisty cat, Sammy, love to assist during my home practices. I have my 200-hour in Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind training a focus on trauma awareness in yoga. In that same vein, I trained with Street Yoga, Uprising Yoga, and Off the Mat. I am an Embody Love Movement Inner Beauty Shop facilitator, a Yoga and Body Image Coalition community partner, and an Accessible Yoga Ambassador - something I hold dear since being diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia in 2016. Presence is more valuable to me than physical prowess —unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way.

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  • REFUGE - Somatic Inquiry: Mobilize and Energize (Part III)

    Sarit shares an energizing, enlivening practice to engage your nervous system and mobilize. This is a playful practice, including the Voo and an opportunity to RAWR! Get weird to get grounded!

    Part I:

    Part II: https:...

  • REFUGE - Grounded and Hands Free

    Sarit guides us through a compassionate, mostly hands free, trauma-informed flow. You may want a pair of blocks, a bolster, or a blanket.


  • REFUGE - Somatic Inquiry: Coherent Heart Practice (Part II)

    Sarit shares Heart Math's Quick Coherence practice, embedded with somatic inquiry, in part two of this series. This is a wonderful practice for self soothing and self regulation.

    Part I:

  • REFUGE - Somatic Inquiry: Grounding and Embodiment (Part I)

    Sarit guides us through a short, guided somatic practice of grounding, orienting, and self regulation in part one of our Somatic Inquiry series.

    Part II:

  • YIN - Embodiment

    A class with long, slow holds, meant to deepen our practice, engage the parasympathetic nervous system and deepen our ability for self care and self awareness. Imbibed with metta (loving kindness) practice, props and the ability to find tune the pose to serve you best. You will need blankets, blo...

  • ODDTIP - Settling the Nervous System Part I

    Sarit shares a favorite technique for settling the nervous system by stimulating our vagus nerve.

  • REFUGE - Yoga For All

    A class for every body, every ability. It is a chill class with a focus on tending to our nervous systems with kind and loving awareness. We sing, we sometimes dance, and we always have a lovely and long savasana. This class is trauma-informed, which means it is invitational and accessible. You w...