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MEDITATE - Take a Break From Your Day

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Root Chakra Meditation with Courtney



  • MEDITATE - Take a Break From Your Day

    Bobbi leads us through a grounding 10 minute meditation practice. Take a break from your day!


  • Yoga Sutra Study - YAMAS - Aparigraha...

    How can we bring yoga off the mat?
    Courtney shares techniques for incorporating yoga into our lifestyle — focusing on the fifth yama. This practice focuses on Aparigraha, a practice in not grasping too tightly to outcomes, to material things, and more.

  • Full Moon Journal Practice

    Natalie offers a journaling practice that you can try during the Full Moon cycle, with a focus on letting go and forgiveness as a process. You will need paper or a journal, a pen, and a comfortable place to sit.