Relax and Breathe. Browse ODD On Demand's meditation offerings

  • MEDITATE - Sit with Armen

    You can sit or lay down for this Metta meditation. Armen is very specific, great for new meditators or those wanting more guidance.

  • Root Chakra Meditation with Courtney

    This grounding meditation can be done seated, laying down, or however you feel most supported. A focus on the Root Chakra.


  • MEDITATE - Take a Break From Your Day

    Bobbi leads us through a grounding 10 minute meditation practice. Take a break from your day!


  • YAMAS - Aparigraha (5 of 5)

    Start your journey of the 8 limbs of yoga! Focusing on the fifth yama, known as APARIGRAHA (non-grasping, non-attachment).
    How can we bring these practices off the mat.

  • Full Moon Journal Practice

    Natalie offers a journaling practice that you can try during the Full Moon cycle, with a focus on letting go and forgiveness as a process. You will need paper or a journal, a pen, and a comfortable place to sit.

  • MEDITATE - Grounding Practice

    Hallie leads a short practice to help you ground. Let's take a seat, focus on our breath and work on mindfulness.


  • MEDITATE - Air Meditation

    Part of Nadia's alchemy meditation series, focusing on the element of air.

  • MEDITATE - Anchoring in Body and Breath

    Natalie focuses on Beginners Mind & establishing a core meditation practice with awareness of body and breath.

  • MEDITATE - Earth Meditation

    Part of Nadia's alchemy meditation series, focusing on the element of earth.

  • MEDITATE - Feeling Your Breath

    Kim leads us through a simple meditation practice focusing on the breath.

  • MEDITATE - I Love You, Keep Going!

    Caitlin offers a short mantra meditation that you can practice anywhere throughout your day. We love you, keep going!

  • MEDITATE - Just Breathe

    Hallie invites you to take a seat, focus on your breath and work on mindfulness.


  • MEDITATE - Pure Light

    Courtney focuses in on the breath and pure light in this 20 minute meditation session.


  • MEDITATE - Water Meditation

    Part of Nadia's alchemical meditation series, focusing on the element of water.

  • Meditation Tip and Practice - Boundaries and Protection

    Nadia provides a tip and meditation for creating boundaries and a sense of protection through a meditation practice so we aren't as bombarded by the world. We are in a state of hypnosis with all of the input and media in the world. Meditation can help us re set ourselves with our own programming.

  • Tips for Settling the Nervous System

    Sarit shares a favorite technique for settling the nervous system by stimulating our vagus nerve. Get out of fight, flight, and freeze and into a place where you can function.