I did my 200hr teacher training in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda and my 300hr in Vinyasa Flow. I'm also a certified Yoga Tune-Up, Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga, Sculptworks teacher, Spinning Instructor and AcroYogaFit trainer! I enjoy being barefoot, street art, good coffee, large quantities of great quality chocolates. I'm grateful for my community, moving, and being moved. As a teacher, I don’t give you the answers, I point you in the right direction and leave it to you to walk the path of self exploration in a fun and interactive way. I am a promoter of joy in my classes. I dare you to come and see if you can leave less happy or more stressed than you walked in.

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, California


ODD FACT: I’m originally left handed, now I can write and draw with both hands.

MY STEEZ: Fitness inspired guidance to self-study with killer music and killer abs.

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  • Saturday's FIT with Audrey

    Join this group each Saturday LIVE on Zoom with Audrey.

    Playlist - -

  • Recorded LIVE Fit with Audrey

    Join her regular crew each week on Wednesdays!

    This is not a yoga class! This is a mat fitness class.

    Playlist -

  • Zoom Replay - STRENGTH (Friday Sept 1st)

    Take Audrey's recorded LIVE class! STRENGTH is not a yoga class, but rather a fitness class.

    Explore Audrey's playlists -

  • Zoom Replay - Upper Body STRENGTH with Audrey

    STRENGTH is the new name for the class we used to call SCULPT. Audrey didn't change her class, we just changed the name!


  • Zoom Replay - Full Body FIT with Audrey

    Need a full body workout? This is your gem. Audrey is a motivator, skilled teacher, and will help you kick your own butt. This is a fitness class, not yoga.


  • Zoom Replay - Audrey's STRENGTH - Lower Body

    Check out this full body workout with a focus on lower body! We used to call this class SCULPT but it's STRENGTH now. Same class, new name.


  • SCULPT - Lower Body Burn

    Get ready! Audrey burns through three supersets focusing on quads, abductors and hip extensors, plus 18 full minutes of core — oof! You will need blocks, light/medium weights, and a blanket.


  • FIT - Audrey's Angels

    Calling all of Audrey's angels! A full body cardio HIIT class with 3 supersets, 3 exercises each, in a pyramid format. We work the upper body, lower body, core and most importantly your heart! You will need weights and a set of blocks.


  • FIT - Full Body Cardio Circuit

    Audrey offers a high intensity full body cardio program. Props include a set of blocks and weights (optional).


  • SCULPT - Upper Body Workout

    Audrey leads us through an upper body focused circuit. You will need blocks, a blanket, and medium weights.