I like snacks, I have a cute dog named Arrow who comes to work, and I have red hair. Let's talk about acting, hikes, and Ayurveda. I’ve always loved philosophy and feeling good. Like many people - my asana yoga journey was a practice of doing yoga, then not doing yoga, then doing yoga until I followed Jessica when she opened One Down Dog. I found myself returning to old thoughts of believing I had something to offer the fellow student next to me. That I COULD do teacher training. I could be a person to help illuminate what makes yoga magical for somebody else. Now with a community, a lifestyle, and a daily learning of “what yoga is”- I’m never going to stop practicing yoga. It’s just how I move through the world. Open heart, clear throat, active body, and mindful of the the things I usually move through mindlessly. For me, Yoga is about taking care of our bodies so we can get the most out of life. Our yoga mat is a place to practice, fail, and fly.

HOMETOWN: Reno Nevada!

FAVORITE SONG/ARTIST: Any good songs/artists. All genres. Something with heart. Song requests are welcome. Love a yoga song that has a heavy heartbeat and a a clear breathiness.

ODD FACT: I’ve been to Burning Man 12 times.

MY STEEZ: Movement, music, and motivation. An all levels class with plenty of place to explore wherever you’re at. A playlist with a broad range with jams. An intention big or small.

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  • CHILL - Be Where You Are

    Caitlin leads a sustainable flow practice, inviting you to find a sense of balance and comfort. You will need a pair of blocks, blanket, and a pillow/bolster.


  • FLOW - Get Your Heart Rate Going

    Accessible yet fast paced flow. Expect wide legged lunges, squats, and a touch of crow pose. You will need blocks and a blanket.


  • Pitta Pacifying CHILL with Caitlin

    Join Caitlin's Tuesday zoom class for a Pitta Pacifying CHILL. Pitta - summer season - is ruled be water and fire. This class has lots of earthy and airy qualities to balance your hot head and hot day out.


  • RESTORE - Īśvarapraṇidhāna with Caitlin

    The yoga of action holds Tapas, Svādhyāya, Īśvarapraṇidhāna - this class we practice the later. Rest is not escaping, it's part of change and part of action.
    Join Caitlin's Wednesday zoom class in unwinding.


  • Flow Fast, Rest Hard.

    Feeling buzzy or stressed? Just got off work? This fast and simple flow will get the wiggles out so you can unwind with a long cool down. Get the fire out so you can find your sattvic space. Includes options for crow and building to an optional *baby* arm balance.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify....

  • Strength With Your Stretch

    What if stretching isn't always the answer for your pain? Your shoulders might be hurting because of hunching and over stretching! Build some strength. Less flowing, and super accessible - yet strength building for your low back and shoulders


  • SWEAT - Enjoy Yourself

    Vinyasa yoga class with ODD flare - awesome music, powerful messages, and thoughtful movement. You will need fitness bands and blocks.


  • MEDITATE - I Love You, Keep Going!

    Caitlin offers a short mantra meditation that you can practice anywhere throughout your day. We love you, keep going!

  • Releasing Your Upper Back

    Caitlin offers her favorite method for those experiencing upper body or back pain. Blocks recommended.