The best of prenatal and postnatal! For those expecting, we will improve circulation, ease digestion, maintain a healthy spine, strengthen your uterus and pelvic muscles, and feel at ease throughout your pregnancy. For those post-pregnancy, we will learn exercises to facilitate healing and connection to the muscles in the core and pelvic floor, as well as address many of the common aches and pains that come from taking care of a tiny human all day (and night!).

For all stages of pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Reconnect to your body, your breath, yourself, and find community.

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  • ODDtip - Prenatal Express Core

    Cerrissa shares a quick core-centric flow for pregnant bodies. You can add this workout on top of your other activities or practice it when you're on the go!

  • SWEAT - Move Through Stress

    Cerrissa leads a quick 30 minute, cardio-focused SWEAT culminating in Warrior 3.


  • PERINATAL - Creating Pelvic Stability

    Kim leads a flow that focuses on building strength in the pelvis (good for pre-birth or post-pregnancy). You will need a yoga block.


  • POSTNATAL - Coming Back to You

    Kim leads a postnatal practice focusing on coming back to self. You will need a set of blocks and a bolster.


  • FAMILY - Flowing With The Fam

    Kim and River lead us through a playful and fun flow parents can try with their toddlers! You will need a pair of blocks, pillows, and blankets or scarves.

  • ODDtip - Strengthening Pelvic Floor

    Kim offers tips for creating stability, balance and connection within the pelvic floor.

  • PRENATAL - Finding Strength

    Joana leads a prenatal flow class inviting you to find strength in your body. You will need a pair of blocks.