10 Minutes

10 Minutes

Get in and out! ODD On Demand classes under 10 minutes!

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10 Minutes
  • Customize Your Vinyasa

    This quick tip with Bobbi will show you a ton of options for when you hear the cue "vinyasa".
    This class is also a decent workout as building your own vinyasa means exploring different ways to find heat!

  • MEDITATE - Water Meditation

    Part of Nadia's alchemical meditation series, focusing on the element of water.

  • Root Chakra Meditation with Courtney

    This grounding meditation can be done seated, laying down, or however you feel most supported. A focus on the Root Chakra.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5gKDgqCAOMHzU1ZPNumh1D?si=c2c29550688f4cc0

  • Intro To Core

    Bobbi provides tips on how to find balance from core activation and using the deep front line (fascial anatomy). You may need a pair of blocks and optional blanket.

  • Yoga Sutra Study - YAMAS - Aparigraha (5 of 5)

    How can we bring yoga off the mat?
    Courtney shares techniques for incorporating yoga into our lifestyle — focusing on the fifth yama. This practice focuses on Aparigraha, a practice in not grasping too tightly to outcomes, to material things, and more.

  • Squat Skills - Maximize Every Workout

    This FIT tip with Cerrissa will get you the quick workout you need while giving you the information to do every BUTT class and SCULPT safely and effectively. Learn to properly deadlift, squat, bridge, and more!

  • Quick Prop Free Massage with Hallie

    Perfect for traveling, middle of your work day, or an addition to your longer practice. No props needed.

  • Mobility vs Flexibility with Molly

    This 5 minute tip is a gateway to some exploration with your practice. Start here and spend some time in your home practice exploring your passive vs active range of motion or mobility vs flexibility.

    Props: Strap or something like it.

  • Tips for Pregnancy Vinyasas

    Learn a few different pregnancy friendly variations for vinyasas and ways you can tailor the practice of sun salutations to feel good in your changing body.

  • Cool Nikita's Quick Cool Down

    Cool down! Whether it's from a FIT class, a bike ride, a gym sesh, or whatever! A series of stretches for the full body.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1M4gmxyn7FeaL0U2MOny8v?si=3c84235348b145da

  • ODD SKILLS - Mobilidad & Flexibilidad

    En esta clase exploramos nuestro rango de mobilidad y flexibilidad. Una clase perfecta para empezar o terminar tu día.

  • Fuerza para Inversiones

    Toda inversion requiere de practica pero sobretodo de estabilidad de la parte central del cuerpo. Esta clase fortalecera los musculos necesarios para tu practica de parado de manos. (Adho Mukha Vrksasana)
    Para seguir trabajando en estos movimientos, tome las otras clases de Sergio!

  • QUICK CARDIO: Kickboxing & Jump Rope

    Nikita will get your heart rate going feeling good! Quick jump rope workout with cardio kickboxing drills. Grab a jump rope of your choice. Shoes are recommended for this workout.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2Tg3ug4fZseAb3nUR74GB2?si=e0f23400233a4f58

  • Somatic Inquiry: Mobilize and Energize (Part III)

    Sarit shares an energizing, enlivening practice to engage your nervous system and mobilize. This is a playful practice, including the Voo and an opportunity to RAWR! Get weird to get grounded!

    Part I: https://ondemand.onedowndog.com/refuge/videos/somatic-inquiry-part-one

    Part II: https://ondem...

  • Yoga Sutra Study - NIYAMAS - Ishvarapraṇidhāna (5 of 5)

    Courtney shares techniques for incorporating yoga into our daily lives through simple and accessible practices. Each class has a lecture and a short practice to help you take yoga off the mat.

  • JOURNAL - New Moon Intentions

    Natalie offers a journaling practice that you can try during the New Moon cycle, with a focus on setting new intentions. You will need paper or a journal, a pen, and a comfortable place to sit.

    New Moon Flow: https://onedowndog.vhx.tv/videos/flow-new-moon-flow

  • Yoga Sutra Study - NIYAMAS - Tapas (3 of 5)

    Courtney shares techniques for incorporating yoga into our daily lives through simple and accessible practices. This lecture and short practice will help guide you to that yogic motivation and heat to create change.

  • Yoga Sutra Study - YAMAS - Asteya (3 of 5)

    Courtney shares techniques for incorporating yoga into our daily lives through simple and accessible practices — focusing on the third yama, known as ASTEYA (non-stealing).

    Each yoga sutra study class has a lecture and a practice.

  • MEDITATE - Grounding Practice

    Hallie leads a short practice to help you ground. Let's take a seat, focus on our breath and work on mindfulness.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1L3iiCgj0IufyBPvQ0fROI?si=nmqDzYLJRV-Aww5HJyn8rw

  • Somatic Inquiry: Coherent Heart Practice (Part II)

    Sarit shares Heart Math's Quick Coherence practice, embedded with somatic inquiry, in part two of this series. This is a wonderful practice for self soothing and self regulation.

    Part I: https://ondemand.onedowndog.com/refuge/videos/somatic-inquiry-part-one

    Part III: https://ondemand.onedowndog...

  • Short - Prenatal Express Core

    Cerrissa shares a quick core-centric flow for pregnant bodies. You can add this workout on top of your other activities or practice it as a short class for your busy day and changing body.

  • Somatic Inquiry: Grounding and Embodiment (Part I)

    Sarit guides us through a short, guided somatic practice of grounding, orienting, and self regulation in part one of our Somatic Inquiry series.

    Part II: https://ondemand.onedowndog.com/refuge/videos/somatic-inquiry-part-two

    Part III: https://ondemand.onedowndog.com/refuge/videos/somatic-inquir...

  • MEDITATE - Just Breathe

    Hallie invites you to take a seat, focus on your breath and work on mindfulness.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/03qbVCC8fabgOMyM8zAHf0

  • ODD SKILLS - Jump Back From Crow

    Cindy offers a favorite tip for working on your transition from crow pose to chaturanga. You will need a pair of blocks.