10 Minutes

10 Minutes

Get in and out! ODD On Demand classes under 10 minutes!

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10 Minutes
  • JOURNAL - New Moon Intentions

    Natalie offers a journaling practice that you can try during the New Moon cycle, with a focus on setting new intentions. You will need paper or a journal, a pen, and a comfortable place to sit.

    New Moon Flow: https://onedowndog.vhx.tv/videos/flow-new-moon-flow

  • NIYAMAS - Tapas (3 of 5)

    Courtney shares techniques for incorporating yoga into our daily lives through simple and accessible practices — focusing on the second niyama, known as TAPAS (self-discipline).

  • YAMAS - Asteya (3 of 5)

    Courtney shares techniques for incorporating yoga into our daily lives through simple and accessible practices — focusing on the third yama, known as ASTEYA (non-stealing).

  • MEDITATE - Grounding Practice

    Hallie leads a short practice to help you ground. Let's take a seat, focus on our breath and work on mindfulness.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1L3iiCgj0IufyBPvQ0fROI?si=nmqDzYLJRV-Aww5HJyn8rw

  • REFUGE - Somatic Inquiry: Coherent Heart Practice (Part II)

    Sarit shares Heart Math's Quick Coherence practice, embedded with somatic inquiry, in part two of this series. This is a wonderful practice for self soothing and self regulation.

    Part I: https://ondemand.onedowndog.com/refuge/videos/refuge-somatic-inquiry-part-one

  • ODDtip - Prenatal Express Core

    Cerrissa shares a quick core-centric flow for pregnant bodies. You can add this workout on top of your other activities or practice it when you're on the go!

  • REFUGE - Somatic Inquiry: Grounding and Embodiment (Part I)

    Sarit guides us through a short, guided somatic practice of grounding, orienting, and self regulation in part one of our Somatic Inquiry series.

    Part II: https://ondemand.onedowndog.com/refuge/videos/refuge-somatic-inquiry-part-two

  • MEDITATE - Just Breathe

    Hallie invites you to take a seat, focus on your breath and work on mindfulness.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/03qbVCC8fabgOMyM8zAHf0

  • ODDtip - Jump Back From Crow

    Cindy offers a favorite tip for working on your transition from crow pose to chaturanga. You will need a pair of blocks.

  • MEDITATE - I Love You, Keep Going!

    Caitlin offers a short mantra meditation that you can practice anywhere throughout your day. We love you, keep going!

  • ODDtip - Releasing Your Upper Back

    Caitlin offers her favorite method for those experiencing upper body or back pain. You will need blocks.

  • ODDtip - Working On Your Splits

    Este shares their favorite tips for improving strength and flexibility for hanumanasana (splits)! You will need a pair of blocks.

  • ODDtip - Slide and Glide

    Devon shares her favorite tip for using gliders to work the glutes. You will need a glider, socks, or a small towel.

  • MEDITATE - Take a Break From Your Day

    Bobbi leads us through a grounding 10 minute meditation practice. Take a break from your day!

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4K3JRV5sLmsLOZ8Hm2irCZ?si=uXsHg0wjRm-MhroFswRyvQ

  • ODDTIP - Settling the Nervous System Part I

    Sarit shares a favorite technique for settling the nervous system by stimulating our vagus nerve.

  • ODDtip - Shoulder Flossing To Relieve Stress

    Victoria offers her favorite tip for posture & shoulder mobility. You will need a strap or a belt for this practice.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0CfGb5dxaRbkiI87Q4hZNi?si=PVr2_ErrSH2vNKvwgjWWwQ

  • ODDtip - Boundaries and Protection

    Nadia provides a tip for creating boundaries and a sense of protection through a meditation practice.

  • ODDtip - Breath of Fire

    Nadia teaches us Breath of Fire, a kundalini pranayama practice to help activate and purify your system.